Online Product Entry in Client Database

The Company:

The client is a leading entrepreneur based in US with extensively spread business


Data Management

Company Headquarters:

Wayzata, MN, USA

Client Needs & Objectives

The client’s database has to be updated with products information. With the login access provided by client, the website has to be accessed and entry of products has to be done without missing any field. As per the requirements of the client, details of thousands of products have to be entered in the database with zero errors. All this has to be delivered within specified timeframe following the guidelines.

The Challenges

  • The first challenge was to organize such a huge volume of data into a meaningful and systematic manner.
  • Information was provided by the client but it was not ordered. The data entry experts have to sort all the available data into relevant fields making it usable.
  • Product information was provided in the form of images. From such a large number of images, it has to be entered manually in the relevant fields such as brand, description, quality, price, discount etc.
  • Data entry of products in the database has to be completely free from errors so that the data could be in sync with the channel of client.
  • Thousands of images were provided by the client and such a voluminous task of data entry has to be completed within very short time span as client was in urgent need of data.
  • The team of professionals has to work 24/7 to generate an eloquent framework.


  • The complete database was handled by us with well-developed data.
  • The client just had to provide us with the images. It not required investing time in providing the details as our data entry specialists sort them from the available images.
  • Within the specified time frame, the client got updated database with all entries organized in proper format.
  • In the industry, the costs offered by us are viable. Therefore, along with saving time, the client is also able to save huge costs.
  • The team of dedicated data entry experts was deployed for project completion living up to the expectations of the client.


  • For the purpose of online data entry into the database of client, all the images were to be downloaded. For ensuring smooth functioning of this, internet of higher bandwidth was purchased by us.
  • For avoiding any type of bandwidth issue, another standby internet connect was bought by us.
  • All the images received from the client’s end were delivered with the relevant information of products such as description, price, discounts and offers.
  • Sometimes additional resources were also hired for on time completion of the project.
  • Assured delivery within the projected time frame of 24 hours was offered.
  • For each of the product, manual quality check was done by our experts after successful completion of 1 batch. This was to ensure the database with zero errors and all the relevant fields.


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