Offline Data Entry

Matters not what kind of business you are running, managing offline data professionally is something which you just can’t afford to ignore. The ever increasing offline data has to be managed in a proper manner so as to reap benefits out of it.

Though monotonous, offline data entry services need to be given the top most priority as it is considered directly proportional to the success of any business. It is here you require professional offline data entry services, so as to help you focus straight away on key areas like planning, training and decision making that is essential for the growth of your business.

We Offer Various Types of Offline Data Entry Services: –

Business Cards data entry
Catalog data entry
Checks data entry
Customer data entry
Data Entry from Books
Data Entry from Images (tiff, jpg, pdf or any type of document)
Data Capture
Re-typing of Documents
Excel Processing
Word Processing Letters typing
Birth & Death records data entry
Book typing into word
Insurance Claim data entry
Typing Government or any property agreement data entry
Ballot Cards data entry
Invoice/Billing data entry
Index Cards data entry
Bank Statement data entry
Business Card data entry
Catalog data entry
Data Entry from Directories
Data Entry from Legal Documents
Data Entry from any type of Books/Magazines
Type printed names, address and other information in to database
Data Entry from Manuscripts
Survey from data entry
Data Entry from Tax Deeds
Cards and Documents data entry
Online or Offline purchase orders data entry
Banking Documents data entry
PDF data entry
Menu data entry (food, price, etc.)
Yellow Pages data entry

If you are searching for the services of most capable company that can offer offline data entry services than Infinity BPO services can become the option that you are looking for. Save your precious time as well as cost that could be invested for the business growth by outsourcing offline data entry services.

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