Government Solicitors Directory Digitizing into Excel Sheet

Government Solicitors Directory Digitizing into Excel Sheet

The Company: Government Solicitors Directory Digitizing into Excel Sheet

Location: Austin, TX, USA

Industry: Low Firm

Client needs & Objectives:

Capturing data accurately from PDF files and digitizing it to the excel sheet. All the fields available in the PDF file have to entered in the excel sheet without any loss in information. The data has to be 100% free from errors.

The Challenges:

Every month, we received large volume of corporate solicitor’s directory data that has to be converted to digital format.
Including all the relevant details in excel sheet without missing a single important section from the PDF file was the challenge
Manual data entry from PDF to excel sheets while maintaining the precision was highly important
The information present in PDF files has to be accurately entered in the excel sheets and this was of topmost priority.
We have to give appropriate presentation to the excel sheets in relevance to the data present in PDF files so as to meet the needs of client.
On time delivery was mandatory for tight and short deadlines
Worked 24/7 to provide accurate project delivery on time maintaining the desired quality.
All the details were to be added in the relevant fields for a useful and accurate document that could be efficiently used for the intended purpose by the client


Excel sheets are one of the digital formats that are easy to access and therefore could be used as and when required.
With our team of skilled and highly experienced professionals, subjective outputs were delivered by us within the expected time frame.
Project was delivered within fastest dispatch time with 100% accuracy.
Knowledgeable experts use to handle the data that assures efficient management of even large volume of data without compromising on quality.
The files are saved in the desired format of client so that they can make use of the documents for the intended purpose of business

The Solution:

Large data in the form of PDF files was received by us.
Each and every file was reviewed carefully by our team of trained and committed professionals and data was entered into excel sheets.
Expert handling of data assures for error free precise documents as per the needs of client.
After the complete data entry, emails were verified.
100% error free projects are delivered by us with the use of double data entry system

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