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For enhancing businesses process, it is important that organizations rationalize the information delivery to decision makers and related enterprise systems. This needs for accommodating data scaling from few thousands to several millions per day.

Outsourcing data capture service is the best option for getting corporate organized content without any overhead cost. The professionals can provide on-time project completion that reduces costs, improves the process and fulfill the submission requirements. The use of latest technology provides desired data in formats that are widely used and that could also be integrated with other systems. This also helps in managing the overall lifecycle of documentation in effective manner.

Our Services

At Infinity BPO, we offer below listed Data Capture Services.

Infinity BPO is offering most accurate data capture services and is recognized as leaders in the industry with huge list of satisfied clients. Supreme quality control methods and hybrid tactics used by our experienced professionals provides cost and time effective results. Gain benefits for your business with 99.9% accurate and on time data capture services offered by us.

By outsourcing your data capture needs to Infinity BPO, you can save on infrastructure and operational costs, associated with in-house data entry and management. We offer competitive pricing models that provide excellent value for money while maintaining high standards of service.

Why Choos Us?

  • Experience and Expertise
    With years of experience, we are experts at managing various data types and formats. Our skilled team efficiently handles complex data capture projects.
  • Advanced Technology
    We use advanced technologies for top accuracy in data capture. Our approach improves data extraction efficiency, minimizes errors, and boosts data quality.
  • Customized Solutions
    We customize our services to fit each client’s needs, from digitizing handwritten forms to extracting information, ensuring efficient and specific solutions.
  • Scalability
    We can adjust our services to fit your needs, no matter the size of the project or operation, providing flexible solutions that adjust to the client needs.
  • 24×7 Support
    Our 24/7 customer support ensures that clients receive assistance when they need it.

Our Process

  • Consultation
    We begin by understanding our clients’ needs and goals, gathering details on data types, sources, formats, and any specific instructions or preferences.
  • Data Collection
    We collect the necessary data from various sources, including physical documents, digital files, forms, surveys, and images, or other relevant sources.
  • Data Capture
    Our team efficiently captures data using a advanced technology, Including manual entry, and automated methods like OCR and ICR.
  • Quality Check
    We conduct thorough validation for accuracy and completeness, compare data with original sources, identify discrepancies, and correct them as necessary.
  • Delivery
    We deliver the data to the client in their preferred format.

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