Online Data Entry in Client Remote Desktop

The Company:

The client is a multi-billion dollar publicly traded US based company


Low Firm

Company Headquarters:

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Client Needs & Objectives

The project is daily keying Thousands of Alphanumeric numbers (combination of alphabetic and numeric characters) from PDF files using through client Remote access login.

The Challenges

  • Maintaining accuracy was the top most priority.
  • Basically this data contained legal details.
  • Delivered 100% accuracy and make sure any alphanumeric numbers is not input incorrect.
  • Ensure that the login session does not expire.
  • Any mistake in keying numbers become wrong information and that wrong information is affecting that person.
  • Whatever numbers of batches assigned by the clients need to deliver in 24 hours.
  • Short and tight deadlines, which were to be met.
  • Delivered assigned batch in given time frame.
  • Arrange in-house resources.
  • Some images are not cleared need to identify those alphanumeric numbers and input in the database. Worked in 24/7


  • Worked with dedicated and skilled professionals we entered 100,000 alphanumeric numbers on daily basis.
  • 100% accurate quality within fastest turnaround time.


  • Deployed dedicated and professional team of around 50 data entry experts, with excellent typing speed they can easily work with complicated characters and promptly input accurately data.
  • Assigned batches have huge numbers of data our team worked within 24×7.
  • Since, project start paying 100% attention required on the complex-looking characters.


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