Input Alphabets and Numeric Table Data Entry into Excel Sheet

The Company:

The client is a US based company with widely spread business



Company Headquarters:


Client Needs & Objectives

Huge data from PDF files has to be entered into excel sheets without missing a single record. The client required project completion within short duration.

The Challenges

  • Thousands of pages were received in the form of PDF files having huge amount of data that has to be converted to excel sheets.
  • Maintaining such voluminous data within short time frame was the major challenge.
  • Data has to manually entered to the excel sheets from the PDF files that required much efforts and time.
  • Additional resources were required to complete the project on time.
  • The client required high quality data with zero errors.
  • Number of fields were there in the PDF files and data of all of them was to be entered in excel sheets without missing a single record.
  • On time delivery of such complex task was another major challenge that has to be met.
  • Work was done 24/7 by the team of dedicated professionals.


  • The desired level of quality was maintained in the work by the experts handling the project.
  • Data was entered accurately covering all the required fields.
  • The projects was assigned to the experts having huge experience of the field that ensured high quality and precision.
  • The steadfast enthusiasts completed the project while taking care of all the instructions offered by the client.


  • 10,000 pages were received in PDF format via FTP server.
  • The team of experts reviewed the documents thoroughly and prepared the work plan to proceed with.
  • Excel sheets were prepared covering all the fields present in the PDF files.
  • Work was done 24/7 for manual entry of all the data from PDF to the excel sheets.
  • Because of Swedish language, some special characters were also entered while typing such as (à, À, è, ì, ò, ù, etc.)
  • Such voluminous task was completed within short time frame to provide the client with expected results.
  • System of double data entry is utilized by us so as to deliver data that is 100% error free and perfect.
  • All the records present in the PDF files were entered in the excel sheets and cross checked to assure accurate entry.
  • The client was 100% satisfied with on time delivery of the project.
  • QC by the senior professionals ensured that all the all the mentioned guidelines are followed.


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