Expenditure data collecting, cleansing, and analyzing

The Company:

The client is a leading manufacturer of household items based in UK


Data Collection

Company Headquarters:

London, UK

Client Needs & Objectives

The client required visibility of spends for the purpose of monitoring the defiance and improving the efficiency. The expenditure data was required to be collected, classified, cleansed and analyzed.

The Challenges

  • Spend files with 1000+ links were received per week.
  • As per the given instructions, 100+ links were required to be processed according to the format and this was really a challenge.
  • The file with .pdf extension were required to be converted to csv format.
  • This complicated task was to be delivered in tight schedule.
  • For insuring on time delivery of the project, the team of trained and skilled experts worked 24/7.
  • It was required to review the spread sheets thoroughly so as to edit the minutest details such as amendment of sheets having ? in place of £.


  • The procurement cost is reduced with the result of spend analysis and this helps the client to improve the efficiency.
  • With the team of professionals having in-depth knowledge and experience in the field, such voluminous data was also handled with expertise and delivered with the estimated time.
  • 100% error free data is provided and this factor is assured by the quality check done by senior experts.
  • The clients received data in digital format that was easy to access and could be used efficiently for other purposes.


  • The received spend files with 1000+ links were processed and the document was downloaded by under respective name and format.
  • The spend report file was created after with different fields such as last data collection month, number of researched documents, work on date, month of receiving data from the site.
  • In the Issue query log, comments were kept for the documents that were not downloaded.
  • Any additional headings were removed so that the first line item starts with the spend data.
  • The total columns were removed from the spreadsheets.
  • The format of date field was changed to DD/MM/YYYY.
  • The amount/value field was changed to number field.
  • The spreadsheets having negative values were amended to have positive value.
  • The document is saved as “authority name _month” in the CSV format.
  • With the find and replace option, the value of ? in the sheets was changed to £.
  • The project was delivered within the specified time frame with best quality and zero errors.


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