Input Numeric Handwritten Data Entry from Scanned Images



The Company: The client is one of the leading firms from USA

Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

Industry: Data Management

Client needs & Objectives:


The client required error free entry of millions of handwritten data in numerical form. The data from scanned images has to be entered into excel sheets.


The Challenges:


  • Around 10,000+ images were received that have to be entered to excel sheet
  • The time frame was limited and entering such voluminous data in the excel sheets within the deadline was a big challenge
  • Some of the images were not clear this was another major issue that has to be addressed in the process
  • The client required high quality error free data and therefore accuracy has to be maintained irrespective of the data size.
  • It was important to meet the tight deadlines and therefore the team worked 24/7
  • Different spread sheets have to be prepared as images were in different format
  • It was required to make use of special characters such as (Å, á, ö, Ä, å) because of Swedish language

product_entry product_entry




  • Excel sheet is the digital format that is easily accessible and therefore is helpful for several process
  • Such a voluminous data was converted to the digital format within the specified time limit so that the client was able to make use of the information easily.
  • Team of skilled professionals worked 24/7 resulting in high quality and error free data entry
  • Specific guidelines offered were followed properly so ass to provide the output of desired quality

The Solution:


  • Via FTP server, voluminous data in the form of JPG images was received.
  • The data in provided in image format was reviewed thoroughly by our team of skilled and experienced professionals.
  • Some images were not clear so were maintaining communication with the client. This was helpful in rectification of the missing or unclear data on immediate basis.
  • For delivering accurate and error free data, the system of double data entry was utilized by our data entry experts.
  • If there was some clarification issue in images and content then same was highlighted with the help of comments.
  • For the specific formats, different instructions as provided by the client were followed
  • Within the short TAT of 30 days, high quality and error free data was delivered to the client
  • After completing the data entry, it was checked for accuracy with the data in another format.
  • Different spread sheets were prepared as data received was in different format.